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Scorpion Pest Conrol Hobart



Flying insects, rats, mice, ants and millipedes have no place in your business. If you run a takeaway, restaurant, manage a office or real-estate business looking after rental properties think of Scorpion.

We offer property reports such as for real estate businesses with concerns regarding pets and fleas.


We offer regular service schedules and fast and immediate service.

We also have all police checks and working with vulnerable people licences, and we will assist you to meet your audit requirements and work and safety obligations.

For advanced pest control in Tasmania, Scorpion Universal Pest Management should be your first point of contact.


You may see a mouse, hear something noisy like a rat or bird, or feel like there are peering eyes at you by a spider we can fix all these problems with one phone call.

Ever thought of having that cubby sprayed, letterbox or car we will treat every issue and area of concern.

Scorpion Pest Management understands the negative impact pests can have on your home. Our key philosophy is to reduce your distress as fast as possible with advanced pest control services.


Whether it cockroaches or rats, mice or possums, pests can cause diseases and damage property. If not dealt with immediately, pest populations could increase and be more costly. Rest assured we are here to help and produce successful pest free results.

Weed Control

We offer weed control to residential and commercial sectors.

A weed can be anything from broadleaf to grass that isn’t wanted or in an area where weeds could take over very quickly causing problems of pest like issues and fire hazards.

We use the safest chemicals on the market with the environment in mind.

Weed control is the botanical component of pest control, which attempts to stop weeds, especially noxious or injurious weeds, from competing with domesticated plants and livestock.

Weed Control Services In Hobart

Bird Proofing Gutters

Gutter Guard protects your gutters from nesting birds, leaves and debris.

It is made from colour bond expanded steel mesh in 22 different colours, comes with a 15year product warranty, the gutter guard system we use is the only gutter guard in Australia manufactured under an independently certified quality management system. It keeps your gutters clean and clear, we clean out your gutters and treat your roof space for bird mites with the installation.

We use the high quality, Tasmanian made Ember Guard system which provides peace of mind in bush fire prone regions of Hobart and surrounding areas. Not only does the Ember Guard system provide bird proofing it is also rated to BAL 19, 29 & 40 which means it protects against embers and keeps your property safer during a bush fire.


  • Complete a general clean of your home.


  • Wash floors prior to treatment as the treatment should stay on your floors for at least 2 weeks.


  • Move small objects away from skirting boards, so your technician can treat this area.


  • Don’t wash windows or webbing down from the house. Spray may blow over windows during treatment but spiders hiding in cracks or crevices will come out onto the webbing and into contact with the chemical. Leave for 2 weeks before brushing down.


  • Clear bushes and trees away from your house for at least 300mm or 1ft from the exterior so insects have to cross the chemical barrier.


  • Sealing of entry points can help prevent pests from entering your home.


  • Pets should be restrained or removed from the treatment premises.


  • You don’t need to leave the house when treatment is being carried out, just avoid the immediate treatment area. Make sure children have shoes on to avoid skin contact. If you have infants or are pregnant, you may wish to leave for 4 hours.


  • Remember your house is our workplace and we need a safe workplace to carry out our service.


  • Any rain or water will immediately start to dilute your chemical application.


  • Heavy rain may reduce the effectiveness within weeks of application.


  • Hosing down windows after a pest treatment will dilute the chemical application.


  • Garden sprinklers placed too close to buildings, will wash the chemical away.


  • Most chemicals are designed for termite treatments which are mostly in-ground treatments– the chemical

companies license the chemicals for other pests i.e. spiders and ants etc. Termite chemicals can last in soil for

10 years, but only on surfaces for 6 months in perfect conditions (no rain).


  • Plants overhanging and touching buildings provide a ladder or bridge over some chemical treatments.


  • External treatments will only provide 50% protection from pests.


  • Larger insects like huntsman spiders and scorpions need more uptake of chemical to kill – thus they take longer to die (3-4 days).


  • Painting the exterior of the home after a service will render the treatment useless.


  • Bringing new mulch/rocks to cover gardens or using weed mats will affect the treatment that you paid for.


  • Lights of a night will also draw insects to the building – all sorts of insects, even insects that feed on other insects for example.


  • Washing floors or cleaning carpets shortly after treatment will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.


  • Storing bins near buildings will also cause problems. These should be stored along a fence line away from your home.


  • Compost bins invite flies, ants and rodents. Always have compost bins on a bed of pavers and away from your home.


  • Any scale or sooty mould can be treated with pest oil/white oil.


  • Ant infested garden pots can be treated with Mortein ant sand and watered in.


  • Leaving pet food out of a night can draw pests to your home.


  • Clean any food debris from your food preparation and eating areas as soon as possible.  Rinse and clean dishes, pots and pans, etc. daily.  Store your food properly in original containers, plastic containers, refrigerator, etc.


  • Low pressure systems will affect insect behaviour – ants, spiders and even scorpions, will become more active.
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