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Scorpion Pest Conrol Hobart


” Our Mission is to provide the best pest management services to the community in which we serve, to always exceed customers expectations, to provide peace of mind by protecting your home, business, health and property in an ethical, professional and timely manner. To strive to be a leader in the pest control industry by delivering the best service, using the latest technology, being environmentally responsible and having fair prices.”


WWhatever nuisance pests you might have, Scorpion Universal Pest Management will have the professional solution. We will provide a fast, simple, cost effective solution to your pest problem in both residential or commercial locations.


Pest infestations can be very unpleasant and even debilitating, whether it is affecting your business or disrupting your household, the problem needs to be eradicated. That is why here at Scorpion Universal Pest Management, we aim to protect Tasmania with efficient, successful and complete pest control.


We respond to enquiries quickly, we will arrive at your property promptly and control the pest problem at an affordable and competitive price.


Scorpion Pest Management effectively controls a wide variety of pests including rats, mice, silverfish, spiders, fleas, birds, possums, ants, millipedes, wasps and more. We believe in sustainability and are aware  of social, environmental and economic impacts. All our work is performed with the utmost adherence to these values.

Scorpion Pest Management uses environmentally safe work practices to protect your business or house and family. We use eco friendly, child safe pest control methods. Our pest control solutions have your children, family, pets and employees in mind.


If you have a pest.. any pest.. we will know how to deal with it.


SScorpion Universal Pest Management is committed to servicing each pest problem as quickly as possible. We understand the disruption pests can cause to your home and business and the stress that they can create.


Pests are detrimental to business reputations and households. They can be a threat to your pets and children. That is why we pride ourselves in acting promptly, without delay.


Scorpion Pest Management  is fully licensed, insured, and solely Tasmanian owned and operated and all our staff have National Police Check Clearance and are licenced to work with vulnerable people. This licence  is a requirement to work for schools, day cares, nursing homes etc. We are fully approved and registered as required by the Justice Department in the new guidelines of 2015.


Our dedicated and experienced Scorpion Team are used to all kind of pest scenarios and have been servicing Tasmanians with pest management since 2008.

We have a close working relationship with DPIWE (Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment) and are held with high regard in the pest control industry with our pest control work ethics.


You are in safe and capable hands with Scorpion Pest Control.







How do I defend my home from rats and mice?

There are a number of ways for example; blocking small holes so rodents cannot enter your home, keeping food in appropriate containers, removing rubbish and clutter from the home.

How do I stop birds getting in my roof?

If you have a colour bond or galvanised roof we can stop the birds entering by structural means and without the use of chemicals.

What is the cost to pest control my home/business?

Pest control prices vary, depending on the size of the home or business and on what pests are causing the problems, so it is best to contact us for pricing.

What areas of Tasmania do you service?

Scorpion Universal Pest Management services Tasmania, state wide.  We are committed to helping all Tasmanians get rid of their pests.

How can i pay for my pest control treatment?

You are welcome to pay by cash, cheque and we also have eftpos facilities.

Are the pest control products safe for my family?

We use the safest chemicals on today’s market, we do recommend minimising any exposure to any pesticide you come in contact with. We service childcares, nursing homes and schools with the same product that will be used in your home.

Are the products safe for my pets?

It is advisable to remove any pets from the area while being treated. Remove feed and water bowls prior to treatment. Birds should be covered, fish inside the home should be covered with cling wrap and a towel and fish in ponds should be covered with a tarp. Reptiles should be removed from the property while the treatment is being carried out.

Do I need to leave the home for my treatment?

No, you don’t generally need to leave your home but this is dependent on the type of treatment needed and you would be advised of this at the time of the booking.

Should I clean my house before or after my treatment?

You should clean your home prior as you may wash away your treatment otherwise. Especially if you clean your carpets or wash your windows. Try to leave it as long as possible before you clean your home.


What happens if it is raining on the day?

Your service may have to be rescheduled if it rains, you will be contacted if this is required. If it is only light rain your treatment may still go ahead.


Do I need to remove any furniture for my treatment?

We suggest where possible to remove any furniture that is up against the wall to allow good coverage around the skirting area.


How long will it take to do the service?

On average around 1 hour but this is dependent on the size of the home, the treatment required and if there is one or two technicians present.


What areas do you treat?

We treat the inside and outside of the home, under the subfloor area, in the roof space, any carports, sheds or any areas of concern.


How often should I have my home treated?

We recommend an annual treatment however in some cases you may need a treatment earlier depending on the degree of infestation and the rainfall.


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